Purchase with Purpose | Fairwinds Floating Cameo Bangle

The Hannah Blount Jewelry studio is excited to expand the Purchase With Purpose series with a brand new Cameo addition- the Fairwinds Floating Cameo Bangle.

Purchase with Purpose | Hannah Blount Jewelry | Floating Fairwinds Cameo Bracelet


With 30% of the proceeds benefiting the Fairwinds Counseling Center, the latest Cameo Lady is a symbol of perseverance and a tribute to the fight against the unrelenting stigma of mental illness and suicide.

The realities and struggles of mental illness, substance abuse and suicide are arduous for those directly touched by these issues, and for their loved ones. Too often a topic we shy away from as a society; discussion of mental illness, substance abuse and suicide often leads to a conversation of understanding and compassion, for those who persevere through their own battles or for the struggles of loved ones. No one is alone or immune to mental illness, substance abuse or the effects of suicide, but the stigma around these issues makes them even harder to manage and live with. 

AFSP | Hannah Blount Jewelry for Fairwinds Counseling Center ACK

Whilst Nantucket is an island of immense beauty, comprised of a vibrant community- it has grappled with an increase of mental illness related issues in the last several years.

Enter Fairwinds Counseling Center; located in Nantucket, a place that has inspired every one of HBJ’s collections, Fairwinds is the island’s only private, non-profit organization providing mental health and substance abuse services for the last 65 years.

With an emphasis on community, Fairwinds encourages and supports those in need- regardless of ability to pay. The small staff of 35 foster a community-centric support system for the island, with an ethos of hope and understanding. Fairwinds core values are incredibly valuable when dealing with the effects of these issues, especially in such a harsh world climate. Fairwinds provides for the entire island, with over 30,000 mental health and substance abuse counseling appointments scheduled yearly.


Learn more about Fairwinds Counseling Center here...

Fairwinds Counseling Center ACK

While there is no adequate way to summarize the journey and management of living with mental health issues, Hannah Blount Jewelry’s latest Lady aims to comfort and empower any and all who have been touched by mental illness. 

Hannah Blount Jewelry for Fairwinds Counseling Center ACK

Photography by Stepanie Larsen.

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