Collaged image. on the left a view of hannah blount's studio wall full of different sized mirrors. on the right a profile portrait of hannah blount in a green shirt.

Hannah Blount has been creating jewelry since she was a young child.

The daughter of a fisherman and a seamstress, Hannah was raised in the tradition of hand skills, hard work, and dedication. In their weathered island home, she and her six siblings learned how to entertain themselves amidst the chaos that comes with such a large family. The dingy fishing paraphernalia that littered their backyard was a playground of inspiration: gritty snapshots of beauty against the clean backdrop of their hometown of Nantucket. These familiar moments inspired her to create beauty of her own.

collage of images showing hannah with her fisherman father, the shingled house she grew up on in nantucket and her father's fishing boat - the Ruthie B.
An image of hannah blount's jewelry bench covered with tools and an image of hannah blount's hands as she works on a piece of jewelry at the bench.

Over the following years she has created a body of work that encompasses an organic and refined aesthetic. 

She is currently working out of her studio in New York, and selling her jewelry in various boutiques and galleries across the country.

portrait of hannah blount at her jewler's bench with her small, white fluffy dog - Beryl. A photo of Hannah as she scrimshaws a gemstone.

In the Studio

Portrait of Kady Doyle - gemstone specialist, working on a grey lady face

Kady Doyle

Gemstone Specialist | Lead Silversmith

Kady’s passion for fine art and beautiful design began as a child, with her sophisticated productions of M+M portraits. Kady further pursued this love with a studio art degree from Emmanuel College, and graduated the North Bennet jewelry program in 2011. Kady went on to obtain her diamond graduate degree in 2016 and her pearl graduate degree in 2018, from GIA.

A proud New Englander- Kady, her husband, Bob Miller of Mass Woodworks, and their cat overlord Kingsley reside in a one-of-a-kind space off of her husband’s woodshop in the city. Kady has many roles at the HBJ studio including fixer and studio compass; she can size a ring faster than you can say Grey Lady! During her time away from the bench, Kady keeps her loved ones warm with her yarn obsession. Read more about Kady on the Hannah Blount Jewelry studio blog...

portrait of Maddie Coleman - copywriter sittings at her laptop in a black shirt, looking to the side

Maddie Coleman


Maddie joined the HBJ studio in the fall of 2015 as Studio Coordinator, and then moved on to Studio and Brand Manager. Maddie's background in writing, along with her passion for emails, good books, and organization culminates in her current position as HBJ's copywriter. Now located in Los Angeles, CA, Maddie and her dog, Stanley, spend their time plotting prank phone calls to the studio, and drafting punny email subject-lines.

beryl blount - hannah's fluffy, white rescue dog, laying on the sidewalk wearing a pair of yellow sunglasses.

Beryl Blount

Head of Human Resources + Studio Greeter

From the hot streets of Texas to the brick roads of Boston’s South End, and now in Brooklyn's Dumbo neighborhood: Beryl’s journey from stray to studio boss was no small feat. These days, Beryl can be found glaring at clients and the like, providing a soft place to sit on and taste testing any and all employee lunches. A firm believer that work should also be fun, Beryl introduced a groundbreaking, company-wide mandate that allows each employee to stop what they're doing at any given time and pet him – a true revolutionary. Read more about Beryl on the Hannah Blount Jewelry studio blog...