Custom Jewelry

by Hannah Blount

a handmade treasure just for you

Hannah Blount Jewelry would be honored to bring your custom creation to life. View our collection of stones and lookbook to get inspired and then complete the form below.



To get started, please fill out our form below and someone from our studio will be in touch shortly.

custom jewelry faq

How do I get started? 

To get started, please complete the form found on our custom webpage. After submission, someone from the HBJ team will contact you via email (please allow 1-3 business days). During our initial exchange, the HBJ staff member will walk you through some basic questions to help determine the scope and viability of your proposed project.  This team member will also outline the custom process, payment details, and other specifics. Please feel free to reach out to our HBJ team at any time with follow-up questions! 

Depending on the complexity of the project, we may schedule follow-up calls or video chats both with Hannah and the team. Some projects, however, are straightforward and simple enough that we can move through the custom process via email. 

Throughout the design process, Hannah and the team may reach out for feedback, but if you don’t hear from us it’s because we’re hard at work on your custom piece! 

How do I determine a ring size?

If your custom project is a ring, please see our ring sizing FAQ for details and tips on determining size.

What are the design options? 

After establishing the scope of your custom project, the HBJ team will determine whether your piece is an entirely custom design or a bespoke iteration of an existing HBJ piece. Bespoke options are studio-approved alterations to existing HBJ designs while custom pieces are designed from the ground up. 

All custom projects are designed within the established HBJ aesthetic. It is always helpful to see visual inspiration for your project, but out of respect for all designers, we will not recreate another designer’s work. 

Is Hannah involved in every custom project? 

Depending on the level of complexity, Hannah may or may not be directly involved in your custom project. 

If you are looking to modify an existing HBJ piece, then our team can walk you through the design process. For example, if you are looking for a barnacle ring with a colored stone set in the barnacles instead of a white diamond, that project will be entirely handled by our HBJ team. 

However, if you are looking to design a new piece or utilize an heirloom stone, then Hannah is typically more directly involved in that process. 

That said, Hannah does personally design and approve all custom projects (regardless if you are in direct communication with her). 

Will you provide a sketch of the design? 

Whether or not Hannah provides a sketch of the design depends on the specific project. Often we are able to work through the design process by reviewing photos found on our website or in our photo library. On occasion (and typically for more complex or detailed projects), Hannah will sketch a design. 

How long does it take to make a custom piece? 

Timing can vary widely depending on several factors, including how booked out our production schedule is and the complexity of the project. If we are helping you purchase a stone from one of our dealers, that could extend the timeline by a few days to several months (depending how quickly we all fall in love with the perfect stone!). 

That said, if your custom project is simply modifying a current HBJ piece, the project will have a shorter timeline (likely 4-6 weeks). If you are looking to work with Hannah and design a new piece, Hannah tends to book out several months (often 2-3 months). 

Discuss timing with your HBJ point of contact and make sure to inform us if there is a special date we need to be mindful of. 

Do you collect a deposit? 

Yes, we do collect an initial payment prior to scheduling your project on our production calendar. 

After our initial consultations and follow up meetings (as applicable), we will provide an estimated project quote. For smaller projects, we can provide a more exact quote. For larger projects, we will provide a range. 

For smaller projects, we will ask for upfront payment equal to the total project quote. For larger (and more time-consuming projects), we require an initial deposit equal to 50% of the project quote. If we are helping you shop for a gemstone, then we also may ask for an initial deposit of $1,000 to cover those efforts. If we are purchasing an expensive stone on your behalf, then we may ask for a deposit equal to the price of the stone.

Please note: All project deposits are non-refundable.


To source gemstones and diamonds, Hannah personally attends national buying shows and individual appointments with her many gemstone dealers. With that in mind, HBJ has a large library of stock in the studio. If the gemstone you desire isn’t available in our studio, our team will personally research and source your gemstone through established gemstone dealers online and in-person. This process requires constant communication with industry contacts, including receiving samples in-studio and coordinating exchanges, then relaying that information to you for your approval. Understandably, this process does increase your project scope and turnaround time. 


Will you design a piece using my heirloom gemstone? 

Yes, we are happy to use a stone provided by a client. The HBJ studio loves to give new life to heirloom gemstones – especially those of sentimental value! However, utilizing these gems often increases the project engagement and cost due to the additional work required to incorporate the heirlooms into the design. Removal of heirloom gemstones from their original settings will also factor into the scope of the project. With that in mind, we can utilize heirloom gemstones on a case-by-case basis. 

Please also note that, on rare occasions, gemstones break during the setting process. We work hard to treat all stones with the utmost care and consideration, but breakage happens (especially an old stone that may already have small hidden fissures). Note that we are not liable for loss or any damages to your stones during the process. 

Can you recycle my metal/jewelry? 

Unfortunately, we are not able to melt down or use your metal for your project. We wish we could, but it is a highly complex process that requires specific equipment not in our possession.

Upon project completion, we will reach out to you with images and finalized cost. Once approved, we will send you the final invoice and coordinate shipping. If the project was previously paid in full, we will reach out to you with images and to coordinate shipping.

We often like to share images of our favorite custom projects, both on our website and our social media- please let us know if this project is a surprise! We’re happy to wait until after any surprises or special dates to post about your project.

We hope you love your custom HBJ piece! Thank you for letting us be a part of your story.