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Enhydro Quartz Enhydro Quartz

Handcrafted jewelry for the modern storyteller.

about Hannah Blount Jewelry

image of hannah blount's hands at her work bench as she sauders a piece of jewelry.

Experience our Process

See the detailed and particular process behind Hannah Blount’s handmade fine jewelry.

hannah blount sites at her bench in her jewelers studio.

Get to know Hannah

The daughter of a fisherman and a seamstress, Hannah Blount was raised in the tradition of hand skills, hard work, and dedication. Her fine jewelry encompasses an organic and refined aesthetic that honors storytellers of all kinds: from Mother Nature to our one-of-a-kind clients, and everyone in between.

caring for your jewelry

caring for your jewelry

Even the best made jewelry requires extra care, especially over the years. Taking care of and storing your jewelry will make all the difference for the lifespan of your piece. Understanding the materials of your jewelry will also help ensure their longevity. Learn how to care for your HBJ jewelry here.