Shattered Mirror Herkimer Vanity Ring

A grand Herkimer quartz is comprised of healed fractures that account for the singular inclusions that bounce around this crystal's facets. This singular formation creates the look of a mirror shattering in mid air within the Vanity ring: fragmented beauty suspended in ethereality.

Herkimer diamond Vanity ring. Available in 14k gold. Approximately 17x20mm.


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Herkimer "diamonds" are raw quartz crystals mined exclusively in Herkimer, NY. Nearly 500 millions years old, these gemstones are naturally formed with 18 facets, 6 sides, and 2 points, holding history within their unique inclusions. 
MOHs Hardness: 7.5
Origins: Herkimer, NY
Care: Though hardy and durable, Herkimers can break. Avoid dropping them onto hard surfaces. To clean, soak in warm, soapy water and remove any dirt with a toothbrush or the like. 
Healing Properties: Herkimer quartz "diamonds" are believed to amplify and promote mental purity, visions, and spiritualization of physical life.


the story of sticks and stones

Comprising raw quartz crystals mined exclusively in Herkimer County, NY, each Herkimer diamond is naturally formed with eighteen facets and two points (double terminated). This collection highlights the unique and diverse inclusions of each uncut, one-of-a-kind crystal. Utilizing minimal design to highlight their individual beauty, Sticks and Stones accentuates the natural beauty of Herkimer diamonds. Shop the full Sticks and Stones Collection

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Part strata, part shimmer, and entirely supernatural:the elements of a Herkimer "diamond" are rare and otherworldly. These raw quartz crystals are mined exclusively in Herkimer, New York, and thenearly 500-million-year-old...