Maytide Kingman Turquoise Ruthie B. Necklace

A viridescent variety of turquoise beads features hues of blue, green, and all of the vernal hues in between, united by aloe-hued silk and a 14k gold fish hook. The sweetness of spring's last month is found in each Kingman turquoise bead, summer's sun peaking through in the necklace's oceanic, flaxen details. 

Kingman turquoise Ruthie B. necklace with aloe-hued silk. Available in 14k gold. Approximately 6x7mm to 8x14mm turquoise beads. 34in length with fish hook clasp.

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Kingman Turquoise is sourced from the third-generation, family Colbaugh mine in Arizona, and renowned for its unique color variation and matrices. Most of the Kingman turquoise from the Colbaugh mine is soft-stabilized, which allows it to be used in jewelry.
MOHs Hardness: 5-6
Origins: Kingman, AZ
Care: Keep Kingman Turquoise away from chemicals. Contact with cosmetics, oils, acids, etc can discolor the gemstone. To clean, use warm water with mild soap. Do not use an ultrasonic or steam cleaner. Strands of turquoise should not be washed. They should be wiped down with a soft clean cloth before storing. Wetting the silk can cause stretching.
Healing Properties: serenity, communication, and spiritual expansion.
Birthstone: Turquoise is one of three December birthstones.
Treatment: Stabilized



the story of ruthie b.

An homage to Hannah's childhood and the nostalgia of her fishing home, this collection comprises gritty nautical-inspired pieces. The collection is named after Hannah's father's fishing vessel, the Ruthie B, which was named after Hannah's mother. Ruthie B. celebrates the mystery and natural peculiarity of the ocean that painted the artist’s childhood. In their weathered island home, Hannah and her six siblings learned how to entertain themselves amidst the chaos that comes with such a large family. The dingy fishing paraphernalia that littered their backyard was a playground of inspiration: raw snapshots of beauty against the clean backdrop of their hometown of Nantucket. These familiar moments inspired her to create beauty of her own. Shop the full Ruthie B. Collection

Shop the full Ruthie B. Collection
Hannah Blount

All About Turquoise Jewelry

SERENITY | COMMUNICATION | SPIRITUAL EXPANSION Birthstone: December   Anniversary: 11th   MOHs Hardness: 5-6   Turquoise has a long history in both the jewelry industry as well as in spiritual lore....