Karkinos Carved Chalcedony Cameo Necklace with Barnacles

The friendship between Hera and her fateful ally Karkinos comes to life in this handmade, one-of-a-kind Cameo necklace. An 18k gold Lady adorned with Ruthie B. barnacles sits upon a carved, chalcedony crab leg pendant under an oxidized silver chain. This mythic piece harmonizes the grit of the ocean and the magic of ancient stories.

50.45ct German-carved chalcedony crab leg Cameo necklace. Available in oxidized silver with 18k gold. Approximately 18x50mm. 32 inch infinity chain.

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Ranging from milky-periwinkle to rich lavender, Chalcedony is a microcrystalline (which is what makes it durable) made from quartz and moganite deposits. Hannah Blount Jewelry loves this ethereal gemstone for its whimsical hues and foggy texture.
MOHs Hardness: 7
Origins: Various
Care: Chalcedony is relatively durable but make sure to avoid dropping your chalcedony jewelry onto hard surfaces. To clean your chalcedony piece, wash with warm water and a mild dish soap and let dry.  
Healing Properties: Calm, balance, communication, and grounding.


the story of ruthie b.

An homage to Hannah's childhood and the nostalgia of her fishing home, this collection comprises gritty nautical-inspired pieces. The collection is named after Hannah's father's fishing vessel, the Ruthie B, which was named after Hannah's mother. Ruthie B. celebrates the mystery and natural peculiarity of the ocean that painted the artist’s childhood. In their weathered island home, Hannah and her six siblings learned how to entertain themselves amidst the chaos that comes with such a large family. The dingy fishing paraphernalia that littered their backyard was a playground of inspiration: raw snapshots of beauty against the clean backdrop of their hometown of Nantucket. These familiar moments inspired her to create beauty of her own. Shop the full Ruthie B. Collection

Shop the full Ruthie B. Collection