Ice Floe Drusy Chrysocolla Cameo Ring-Hannah Blount Jewelry
Ice Floe Drusy Chrysocolla Cameo Ring-Hannah Blount Jewelry
Ice Floe Drusy Chrysocolla Cameo Ring-Hannah Blount Jewelry
One of a Kind

Ice Floe Drusy Chrysocolla Cameo Ring

An enigmatic Cameo peeks out from under a slice of drusy chrysocolla that bubbles with vibrance and icy crystals in this handmade ring. The warmth of the 18k gold setting contrasts the glacial hues of the chrysocolla, the combination evoking the alchemy of water and earth. 

12.9ct drusy chrysocolla Cameo ring. Available in 18k gold with bright fine silver. Approximately 17mm. Size 7.


When will this ship

Ready to Ship (1-3 Days)

Size 7

Sized to Order (1-3 Weeks)

All other sizes are sized upon request. Re-sizing typically takes 1-3 weeks to craft and 1-3 days to ship. Please inquire here about your sizing alteration prior to ordering. Find out more about finger sizing guidelines and re-sizing information on the blog.

Ring sizing

Stock rings can be sized up or down within a tolerance; we assess whether to resize a stock ring or make a new one based on the size ordered. We want to ensure your ring is crafted with heirloom quality.

About the gemstone

Chrysocolla is known as 'the stone of wise women everywhere'. This copper-based gemstone forms when copper oxidizes which creates its unusual lush hues and inclusions.
MOHS Hardness: 6.5 to 7
Origins: North America
Care: To keep your chrysocolla jewelry clean, use warm water with mild soap and a soft toothbrush or cloth. Do not use a steam cleaner or ultrasonic cleaner.
Healing Properties: Promotes communication, empowerment of the feminine energies, and empathy.


The Story of Cameo

The hand-carved, formidable female faces of the Cameo collection aim to empower women with meditative and eerie adornments. Each Lady is a love letter to art nouveau and a symbol of the soft power, strength, femininity, and perseverance found in all who identify as a woman. These contemporary Cameos are often paired with repurposed diamonds, baroque pearls, naturalistic gemstones, bright silver, and 18k gold. Eerie yet elegant, tranquil, and enlightened: the Cameo collection offers talisman of empowerment and connection to herstories yet to be written. Shop the full Cameo Collection

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