Gemstone: Repurposed Rose Cut Diamonds

Repurposed Rose Cut Diamonds
Beloved in the Georgian Era, rose-cut diamonds have found new life in modern day, while honoring their old-world origins. Believed to be named for rosebud petals, HBJ’s repurposed rose cut diamonds are approximately 70 - 100 years old, or older, and personify ethereality. Rose-cut diamonds are flat on the bottom and faceted on the top, which creates more surface area per carat and enhances their gloss and shimmer.
MOHs Hardness: 10
Origins: Repurposed from antique jewelry and secondary markets.
Care: While diamonds are the earth’s hardest gemstone, they can still break. Avoid dropping diamonds onto hard surfaces. To clean your diamond piece, soak in warm, soapy water and remove any dirt with a toothbrush or the like. It is safe to clean with an ultrasonic and steam cleaner.
Healing Properties: Diamonds are believed to promote radiance, self-sovereignty, and fearlessness.
Birthstone: April
Anniversary: 60th and 75th