Collection Banner: Fairwinds Floating Cameo Bangle

Thank you so much for supporting the Fairwinds Counseling Center! 30% of proceeds from the Fairwinds Floating Cameo Bangle go directly to Nantucket’s only private, non-profit organization providing mental health and substance abuse services. For over 65 years, and with an emphasis on community, Fairwinds encourages and supports those in need-- regardless of ability to pay. The small staff fosters a community-centric support system for the island, with an ethos of hope and understanding. Fairwinds provides for the entire island with over 30,000 mental health and substance abuse counseling appointments scheduled yearly. While there is no adequate way to summarize the journey and management of living with mental health issues, this particular HBJ Lady aims to comfort and empower any and all who have been touched by mental illness’ long shadow. Learn more about Fairwinds Counseling Center at