Tropical Treasures: New Shell Pieces from Kauai

HBJ Shell Collection

Celebrate the lush blossoming of spring with gilded seashells sourced from Kauai’s beaches, adorned with Vanity prongs, Cameo Ladies, and Ruthie B. barnacles.

Hannah Blount Jewelry Tidal Dance Shell Vanity Necklace

An ode to the variety of ecosystems and the versatility and vitality of each terrain that makes up the Garden Island of Hawaii, this new series of fine jewelry memorializes Kauai’s abundant and infinite color palette: from lush greens to red sands and vivid coral sunsets.

Hannah Blount Jewelry Lunar Halo Shell Cameo Ring

I was fortunate to visit my brother and his partner at their home in Kauai this year, and was immediately taken by the raw beauty of the island's landscape. We hiked through various trails, walked its beaches and toasted the new year—grateful for friends, family and the natural world. The harmony of the island's energy is present in each of its natural elements: from the rugged shorelines that elegantly dip into the sea to the plethora of flora and fauna that call it home. 

Hannah Blount Jewelry Sirius Shell Cameo Ring and Cresting Wave Shell Vanity Earrings

A colorful oasis of natural beauty, Kauai's history is as rich as its biodiversity. While a small island, each corner was entirely different—this individuality mimicked the unpredictable weather patterns that highlighted Kauai's beauty all the same, rain or shine. 

Hannah Blount Jewelry Moon's Aura Shell Cameo and Frangipani Shell Vanity Ring

The days spent seaside took me back to my childhood love of shell collecting: this cross section of nostalgia and admiration for Mother Nature was instantly inspiring. The simplistic silhouettes of the shells I collected now make way for hidden, intricate details while serving as a canvas for classic HBJ designs.

Hannah Blount Jewelry Phoenix Shell Cameo Ring

My latest additions to a variety of my most-loved collections are oceanic tokens that commemorate the otherworldly beauty of Hawaii—one of Mother Nature’s finest pieces of art.

Hannah Blount Jewelry Beach Plum Shell Ruthie B. Necklace with Barnacles and Centaurus Shell Ruthie B. Necklace with Barnacles

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