The Story Of The Skate Egg Case Design

Nostalgic, oceanic earrings embody the peculiarity and unusual beauty of skate egg cases. Spindly and curious, these sea-bound treasures are also known as a mermaid's purse. This classic Ruthie B. design is recognizable only to those who have also spent time roaming the sand.
"These earrings were modeled after skate egg cases. Skates are a type of fish, a ray, and their empty egg sacs wash ashore with the current. When I was little I would dance them around like dolls. I used to call them mermaid's purses, though they have lots of names; witch's purse is one, which I actually like better, for these spindly, curious little creatures are magical and a little eery. They are recognizable to those who have spent time at the ocean's edge and inspire in me a sense of nostalgia for days past. This classic, nautical theme is part of my Ruthie B. collection, which is the name of my father's deep see fishing vessel. The boat, which he built himself 43 years ago (1979), is named after my mother. The collection was created to celebrate the naturalistic and peculiar beauty of the ocean's curiosities. You can see all of the Ruthie B.'s nautical treasures below."
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