The Meaning Of | The Waiting Collection by Hannah Blount Jewelry

Waiting was my first collection- imagined and executed in college, it stemmed from my lifelong admiration of nature’s organic artistry.

The Waiting Collection by Hannah Blount Jewelry | Nature Inspired Jewelry

photograph by Sadie Dayton

At its core, Waiting is a tribute to my love of branches’ and eggs’ respective silhouettes- as well as their symbolism. Eggs harbor life and evoke the feeling of starting anew; branches have garnered the perception of both life and death- the extension of life expanding but also the end of the growth cycle, barren seasons.

Branch Earrings | The Waiting Collection by Hannah Blount Jewelry | Fine, Handcrafted Jewelry

Both of these natural elements spend time waiting for spring’s rain to evolve them to their next phase of life. Comprised of gold vermeil, 14k gold, bright sterling silver and oxidized silver, Waiting celebrates nature in its most primal stage.

Egg Earrings by Hannah Blount Jewelry | The Waiting Collection | Handcrafted, Fine Jewelry

As artists, we study composition and balance: the colors and shapes and the elements that make a piece appealing to the eye – yet nature does it organically.

In creating, we try to mimic that balance, but nature is the original composer.

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