The Meaning Of | The Ruthie B. Collection

Photography by Sadie Dayton

An homage to my childhood, the Ruthie B. collection is comprised of gritty, nautical-inspired pieces.
This collection is named for my father's fishing vessel, which was named after my mother. My six siblings and I grew up on Nantucket; as a kid working in local tourist stores, I was always confused by the lack of representation of the Atlantic Ocean. These shiny, fake shells were shipped up from the Caribbean and represented in jewelry and trinkets throughout downtown shops, yet the native perspective was missing. Because this particular nautical aesthetic was so established, I was met with a lot of resistance when I first started talking about this collection. Even so, I was so sure of my perspective that it felt like the collection was my first language -  a love letter to home and nostalgia.
Nostalgic, oceanic necklaces and earrings embody the peculiarity and unusual beauty of skate egg cases. Spindly and curious, this sea-bound treasure is also known as a mermaid's purse. We used to play with these ocean relics, washed ashore with the tide, like they were tiny dolls. These classic and unusual Ruthie B. pieces are recognizable only to those who have also spent time roaming the sand.

Ruthie B. is a true homage to the oceans on both coasts; often incorporating baroque freshwater pearls, Kingman turquoise and striking metals such as bright and oxidized silver, 10k and 14k gold. Ruthie B. celebrates the organic grit and natural peculiarity of the ocean.
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