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WARNING: please note that the following blog post contains content about sexual assault, which may be triggering to survivors.

Hannah Blount Jewelry’s newest series is an homage to unbreakable women everywhere – inspired by the iconic myth, Medusa.

The Medusa Series by Hannah Blount Jewelry | Photography by Stephanie Larsen
photography by Stephanie Larsen

The traditional mythology of Medusa tells the story of a venomous Gorgon, from her bloodshot eyes down to her serpent tresses, who turned mortals to stone; but when we dive into her story, we learn of a victim who found strength despite her trauma. For centuries, this mythological creature has had her own narrative imposed upon her. HBJ chooses to see her truth – a woman who reclaimed her power to avenge and defend herself, not a monster.

Within this series there are herstory-inspired one-of-a-kinds, fresh Cameo pieces and HBJ’s newest Purchase with Purpose piece – the BARCC Medusa Cameo Studs, benefitting the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center.
The Medusa Series by Hannah Blount Jewelry | One-of-a-kind Jewelry by Hannah Blount

The BARCC Medusa Cameo Studs aim to symbolize the strength and perseverance of women, and serve as a symbol of solidarity with all who consider themselves survivors and allies.
30% of each purchase of these studs directly benefits the BARCC, who works with survivors of all genders to help find healing and empowerment on an interpersonal level, assisting them with every area of their lives as they move forward. The Boston Area Rape Crisis Center serves twenty-nine cities and towns in the Greater Boston area and is the second oldest rape crisis center in the United States. 

BARCC Medusa Cameo Studs in 18k gold by Hannah Blount Jewelry

Like most mythology, there are varying origin stories- some recounted that she was a beautiful maiden priestess and her monstrous state was punishment for a crime committed against her; the poet Ovid depicted Medusa as a beautiful woman raped by Poseidon in Athena’s temple. The most fascinating part of Medusa's story is it’s manipulation over time by those who retell it.

The Medusa Series by Hannah Blount Jewelry | Photography by Stephanie Larsen

photograph by Stephanie Larsen

Yet Medusa persists- the commodification of her trauma and her anger can be found in classical art, mythology’s many stories and comparisons to contemporary figures. In the last two years alone, women in power have been compared to Medusa to criticize and dehumanize them. There are undoubtedly versions of ourselves, as women, that we can all see in Medusa --
the rage, the despair, the beauty and the strength.

The word survivor does not illustrate Medusa’s journey as it should- spoken of as either a seductress who was rightly punished, or a helpless victim; either depiction absolving her tormentors of blame and perpetuating a story of female authority silenced. Yet no matter how her story is retold, her trauma brought beauty into the world of Olympians and Titans-- the winged horse Pegasus was released from her slain body and he was said to bring a spring of water whenever his hooves touched the earth.

Hannah Blount Jewelry's Medusa-inspired pieces are here to remind you to write your own story + persevere...

The Medusa Series by Hannah Blount Jewelry | Photography by Stephanie Larsen

photograph by Stephanie Larsen


Women in Power by Mary Beard
Mythology by Edith Hamilton
The Timeless Myth of Medusa, a Rape Victim Turned Into a Monster by Christobel Hastings
The Original ‘Nasty Woman’ by Elizabeth Johnston
Metamorphoses by Ovid
Statius by Thebaid

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