The Making of a (Scrimshaw) Mermaid

Scrimshaw, the technique of hand-engraving + inking illustrations into shells, gemstones and other materials, dates back to whalers of the late 18th century; scrimshanders of yore created their hand-etched pieces to pass the time at night aboard their ships. Each illustration in the Scrimshaw jewelry collection is hand-carved by Hannah, combining sentimentality with the endless inspiration the ocean provides, and serves as a symbol of protection, resistance, and nostalgia.
"Dating back to whalers of the late 18th century, scrimshaw is the technique of using a sharp instrument (a scribe) to scratch a design and fill it in with ink- like tattooing. Scrimshanders of yore were sailors and would carve their illustrations into ivory and whale bone. I love the idea of these tough, salty sailors taking respite from their unknown futures, delicately carving intricate designs to the movement of their ships. Scrimshaw work has always been deeply personal to me- it is a way to capture and wear art in a literal way using designs that are full of nostalgia, romance and empowerment.

I hand-carve each illustration. As you can see, each design is inked over and over again to create details and depth of line. Using materials like shell, variscite and turquoise to enhance the illustration I hope to bring a modern feel to the antique craft."
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