Summer Gilded Shells

HBj shell collection
Salacia Coral + Pearl Shell Cameo Necklace Tulip Shell Ruthie B. Ring
Galene Shell Figurehead Ruthie B. Earrings
Aqueous delicacies have washed ashore. Dive into HBJ’s newest shell-inspired treasures: bold, seafaring rings, necklaces, and earrings made from natural stones and fine mixed metals.
Tulip Shell Ruthie B. Ring
These new nautical keepsakes are comprised of designs from your favorite HBJ collections including Cameo, and of course, Ruthie B.
Barnacle Sea Snail Ruthie B. Hoops with Diamonds
Large Slipper Shell Necklace with Diamond Barnacles hbj shell ring
Sea Snail Ruthie B. Hoops with Barnacles
Large Slipper Shell Ruthie B. Necklace with Barnacles
Born from nostalgia and a love of Mother Nature’s artistry, HBJ’s shell pieces are talismans for sentimental souls. The simplistic silhouettes of each shell make way for hidden, intricate details including odes to the mythical and the divine.

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