September Birthstone - Sapphire

Happy birthday September friends! This month's birthstone is the ever-regal sapphire, a long time symbol of royalty and fidelity.

September Birthstone | Sapphire  

Found predominately in Australia, India, Sri Lanka and in more recent times Madagascar, a sapphire's value is judged by it's color intensity. Sapphires are a corundum variety, like rubies. Coming in at a 9 on MOHS, sapphires are strong stones and make for excellent alternative engagement rings. 

During the Middle Ages, clergy members of the Christian church wore sapphires to symbolize their holy connection to God. In ancient Greece and Rome, royalty believed that sapphires offered protection. 

Whilst classic, cobalt sapphires are the most popular, the HBJ studio loves those with inclusions and atypical coloring. Sapphire inclusions are formed by minerals called needles. Two of the most popular variations of sapphires are seen in star sapphires and padparadscha sapphires.

Star sapphires are created from asterism, which is caused by the reflections of the needle inclusions in specific directions. Learn more about asterism here. Padparadscha sapphires are named for the Sinhalese work for lotus flower and appear as a bright, almost coral shade of pink.

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