Season Of Meaning | Holiday Memories | Mackenzie

The studio is ringing in the holidays by celebrating the nostalgia and sentimental stories surrounding the season.

We're reminiscing about holiday traditions from our team and some special friends of the studio. From festive memories to sentimental jewelry to favorite meals and everything in between that makes this season merry + bright...

Season Of Meaning by Hannah Blount Jewelry | Holiday Memories | Mackenzie Law

The studio chatted with Mackenzie Law, Hannah Blount Jewelry Jewelry Designer + Goldsmith, about her favorite holiday traditions, her year of growth and her love for her family.
"Every year I transform several green peppers into a tiny festive Christmas tree centerpiece under which I stack cheese cubes shaped like presents. This is just a small part of a robust family hors d'oeuvres compilation that's always eaten on Christmas Eve. I've been making this tree every year since I was 14. Since I was 5, we have sat in more or less the same spots, being around the tree with my family, in my parent's' living room. My Meme rolls up the ribbons. My dad passes out the presents. My sister Heather takes the pictures. Boone (the dog) takes up way too much space on the couch. My son Niko gets 300% more presents than everyone else. We have a lot of fun together.

Season Of Meaning by Hannah Blount Jewelry | Holiday Memories | Mackenzie Law

One of my favorite holiday traditions is that we always get a box of donuts to eat around the Christmas tree on Christmas morning while we open presents. I always pick the most extravagantly frosted donut available, preferably also filled with something like jelly or pudding or more frosting and there must be sprinkles involved. I'm going to have to find some gluten free donuts, some how some place, because there's no way I'm going without my Christmas donut.

Season Of Meaning by Hannah Blount Jewelry | Holiday Memories | Mackenzie Law

When my little sister was born in 1983, my twin sister and I were 4. To commemorate our being big sisters, my parents got us matching turquoise florette "big sister" rings. They were teeny tiny - but we both still have them. I like to wear mine above the knuckle on my ring finger.

2017 has taught me that I'm wildly capable of building a life I love, by myself... and that I can't eat gluten."

Don’t forget to let us know how you celebrate the true meaning of the season...

Please note, this interview has been lightly edited and condensed for clarity.

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