Purchase with Purpose | SFCG Peace Egg Waiting Ring

Hannah Blount Jewelry’s Purchase with Purpose collection continues to grow with the Peace Egg Waiting Ring. 
Note: the HBJ studio originally launched this year's Purchase with Purpose campaign benefitting the Southern Poverty Law Center. Some recent information has come to light regarding the SPLC since our launch, so we have decided that it's not the right time to donate to this organization. Instead, we will be donating to Search for Common Ground (SFCG), a global organization working to build sustainable peace through community outreach, education and media production. 
This handmade ring serves as a symbol of hope and a wish for peace amidst the growing presence of hate crime, violence, and polarizing conflict throughout the world.
“As a little girl I found eggs in the grass surrounding my home, and was struck by their simplistic beauty; their beauty was apparent to me before I understood what beauty was, their elegance instilled during a time before influence. A symbol of contrasts—to me, eggs are simple and complex; life-baring; impending transformation and steadfast shelter.”

Hannah Blount Jewelry Purchase with Purpose 2019


Search For Common Ground opened its doors in the 1980s, looking to bring peace and understanding to the world during an increasingly strained international climate. Since then, SFCG has expanded its reach to over 30 countries, including the United States, to bring understanding and conflict resolution through education, community outreach and media productions.

Within the United States, SFCG aims to bring resolution and support to those affected by identity-based conflict. Through congressional leadership initiatives and creating safe spaces for dialogue and collaboration between communities, The Commons and One Neighborhood—SFCG democratizes solutions for peace on an interpersonal and political level. Internationally, SFCG's programs and media productions tackle a variety of topics from gender equality to refugee and displacement crises, to LGBTQ issues, to media bias and much more. 

The nurturing yet unwavering symbolism found in eggs, alongside the myriad of other dualities found within this organically refined symbol, are sentiments that the the studio hopes to evoke through this handcrafted piece, and that are found in the SFCG work—meeting hate with strength, education, understanding and transformation.


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