Purchase with Purpose | Feeding America Kindred Cameo Necklace

The newest addition to the Hannah Blount Jewelry Purchase with Purpose collection is a much needed emblem of strength. The Feeding America Kindred Cameo Necklace features a citrine droplet, synonymous with abundance, and a Cameo Lady who emits strength and compassion in her solitude. 30% of the proceeds from this new Cameo necklace will benefit Feeding America—the largest hunger-relief organization in the country.

In light of COVID-19, many Americans are facing food insecurity due to job loss and compromised health. Feeding America’s work has never been more important: their network of local food banks across the country brings resources to the most vulnerable members of our communities. In the massive disruption this pandemic has caused in everyday life, Feeding America has risen to the challenge of providing assistance and support in these unparalleled times.

Evoking serenity, grace and abundance, this handmade Lady symbolizes the stark realities we all face through the Coronavirus pandemic: for now, we must be alone to be together—and we will not give up on each other.

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