October Birthstone | The Opal


“In the Opal, you shall see the burning fire of the Carbuncle or Ruby, the glorious purple of the Amethyst, the green sea of the Emerald and all glittering together, mixed after an incredible manner. Some Opals carry such resplendent luster with them that they are able to match the bravest and richest colors of painters: others represent the flaming fire of brimstone, yea, and the bright blaze of burning oil." —Pliny the Elder


From the top: HBJ's Opal Cameo Ring features 2ct Lightning Ridge Australian Opal, HBJ's Ghostberry Opal Branch Waiting Ring features a 6.72ct Mintabie, Australian opal + 0.11ct diamond, HBJ's Sisters of the Dioscuri Opal + Diamond Cameo Ring features a 2.05ct Lightning Ridge opal + 0.02ct diamond 

Iridescent play-of-color, a limitless spectrum of galactic hues, and organically refined splendor—these are just a few of HBJ’s favorite things about October's birthstone. Opals possess every color found in Mother Nature’s palette; you don’t have to look too closely to see that each cut of this spellbinding gemstone holds all the world’s colors and wonders inside. Hannah Blount Jewelry’s handmade and one-of-a-kind opal jewelry lets these gemstones shine with luxe diamond accents, sharp prong settings in a variety of fine metals, and alongside hand-wrought branches and oceanic accents. 

HBJ's Midnight Opal Vanity Ring features a Lightning Ridge, Australian opal, cut by Loren at Ancients17. Approximately 8x10mm.


Opals are not only beautiful, they were traditionally considered to be one of the luckiest gemstones from ancient Roman scholars to the Aztecs of Mexico. Opals are sometimes called 'the Eye Stone', as the ancient Greeks believed those who wore them would receive the gift of second sight. Upon the publication of Sir Walter Scott's novel Anne of Geierstein, opals developed a reputation as bad luck in many European cultures and still carries the superstition today (to some, certainly not at HBJ!). Reputation aside, the metaphysical properties of opals are nothing but positive. In general, opals are known to evoke optimism, enhance creativity, and promote a sense of calm; they're excellent for meditation work to ease stress and depression. There are so many types of opals that their metaphysical purposes vary. Opals that contain fire or play of color are known to stimulate the emotional body and are considered an amplifier stone, unlike the common opal which is a stabilizer.

 HBJ's Aequorin Opal + Diamond Branch Waiting Necklace features 12.6ct Lightning Ridge Australian opal+ 0.04ct diamond. The Eggplant Opal Branch Waiting Ring features a 0.75ct Lightning Ridge, Australian opal + 0.04ct diamond.


Opals come in many colors and varieties; they are relatively soft as they're made up of about 10% water and come in at 5 to 6.5 on the MOHS scale. Opals are fragile like glass, so be extra careful to avoid abrasive surfaces, and avoid knocking your opal ring against hard surfaces. Extreme temperature shifts can cause cracks, so take care when wearing your opal jewelry. To keep your opal clean, use warm water with mild soap and a soft toothbrush or cloth. Hannah Blount Jewelry does not recommend using an ultrasonic cleaner or, especially, a steam cleaner.  

HBJ's Tiny Spearmint Opal Branch Waiting Studs features 1ct Lightning Ridge opal studs.


Ethiopian Welo opals are beautiful but temperamental: while they are renowned for their iridescence and flashes of heat, many Ethiopian Welo opals are hydrophane opals and will dull in the presence of too much sunlight or too much water. 

HBJ loves this magical gemstone as no one opal is alike: from the ancient and stunning Lightning Ridge opals of Australia to temperamental Welo opals and decadent Peruvian opals. 

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