Metaphysical Properties | Agate

Agate gemstones are rife in variation and offer many metaphysical energies. Overall a relatively low frequency stone, agates are mostly comprised of banded chalcedony and are considered a mineral of quartz group. Agates come in at a 7 on the MOHs scale, and were found among some of the artifacts of Neolithic people. 
African Agate Vanity Ring by Hannah Blount Jewelry
There are hundreds of types of agate, but in general this gemstone possess communication enhancing properties. Some of the widely used agates at the HBJ studio are dendritic agate, African agate and Brazilian agate.  
Dendritic agate are not banded together like most agate; their inclusions called dendrites. Metaphysically, dendritic agate is ideal self examination and interpersonal growth. It is believed to provide protection when traveling. It's name comes for the greek word for 'tree like'. 
African agate, sometimes called Botswana agate, often appears with inclusions and patterns that look like an eye. The eye symbolism offers protective energy. African agate is called the Sunset Stone by some as it's believed to retain sunlight and comfort people through dark periods of their emotional lives.
Brazilian agate is great for balancing one's physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energies. Most Brazilian agate available today is found in volcanic vesicles. This agate variety is also known to calm in times of stress.

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