Meet the HBJ Team | Kady- Bench Jeweler

The HBJ Studio is comprised of a unique vision, one-of-a-kind clients and an incredible team. Get to know a little more about the people behind the HBJ hustle...
Kady Doyle | Bench Jeweler | Hannah Blount Jewelry
Name: Kady Doyle
Title: Bench Jeweler
Started: Fall 2015
What do you do at Hannah Blount Jewelry?
I do a variety of tasks at HBJ. My main responsibilities include fabricating and finishing pieces in the permanent collections, assorted repairs, and prepping pieces for Hannah to work on.
Where are you from?
Boston, MA.
What is your favorite gemstone?
This is a tough one- I would have to say sapphires. I love how they come in such a variety of colors.
If you could summarize your day to day in a single word, or an emoji, what would it be
Organized chaos?
Which HBJ collection expresses your personal style best?
Waiting. I really love the background and stories from Hannah that surround it. I also know the high level of care and detail that goes into these pieces that make them into wearable art.
What inspires you?
I find myself finding quite a bit of inspiration from other artisans.  I am lucky to live a life in a community that has woodworkers, luthiers, bookbinders, fiber artists, photographers, sculptors, and metal workers.
HBJ pieces aim to empower their wearer. What empowers you?
Creating. Through my work, I am making a physical imprint on life and making things that will be here long after I am.
Growing up, what was your dream job?
It has always been an artist or maker of some type. I bounced around between different types of art while growing up, but it always had to involve creating.
We eat a lot in this studio. What is your favorite baked good?
Chocolate chip cookies, hands down.  
What're the odds Beryl will call you into his office for an HR violation?
Oh, he will probably call me in next time I see him.

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