Meet the HBJ Team | Beryl Blount- Head of HR

The HBJ Studio is comprised of a unique vision, one-of-a-kind clients and an incredible team. Get to know a little more about the people, and canines, behind the HBJ hustle...

Hannah Blount Jewelry | Meet the Team | Beryl Blount

Name: Beryl Sampson Blount
Title: I am the head of the Human Resources department at Hannah Blount Jewelry. I am also Master of (the whole) South End (I've peed on everything outside of here).
Started: About 10 dog years ago.

What do you do at Hannah Blount Jewelry?
Well, mostly I watch. I watch my mom when she sneaks candy in her workbench. I watch the Irish when she eats her peanut butter sandwich. I watch the brunette when she eats her pizza. And then, I glare. I mean, really glare. The reason for this is I have laser vision that will penetrate their thoughts and mastermind their free will so that they will give it to me. It hasn't worked yet, but I'm not giving up.

Oh, also I do my rounds and get pets from each human. I like to make my mom feel bad when someone else is rubbing my neck- so I shame her with more glares.

Where are you from?
The hot streets of Texas. I’m what the humans call keep calling a ‘rescue’-- I used to steal food from children to survive.

What is your favorite gemstone?

If you could summarize your day to day in a single word, or an emoji, what would it be?

Which HBJ collection expresses your personal style best?

What inspires you?

HBJ pieces aim to empower their wearer. What empowers you?

Growing up, what was your dream job?
I always hoped for a role that would allow me to pursue my love of eating.

We eat a lot in this studio. What is your favorite baked good?

As head of HBJ HR, what're your management philosophies?
Kill them all... With kindness, of course.

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