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The HBJ Studio is comprised of a unique vision, one-of-a-kind clients and an incredible team. Get to know a little more about the people behind the HBJ hustle...

Hannah Blount Jewelry | Studio Blog | Meet The HBJ Team | Angelica Assim

Name: Angelica Assim
Title: Brand Consultant
Started: Spring 2017

What do you do at Hannah Blount Jewelry?
I’m here to help HBJ develop ethically and sustainably. Including but not limited to streamlining operations, developing and executing marketing strategies.
Where are you from?
Boca Raton, Florida. I love an early bird special and afternoon bingo with my Sito.
What is your favorite gemstone? If you could summarize your day to day in a single word, or an emoji, what would it be?
🤷 - literally that one. I’m up for whatever.
Which HBJ collection expresses your personal style best?
Cameo- It’s simple, powerful.
What inspires you?
Drive and Passion.
HBJ pieces aim to empower their wearer. What empowers you?
Self care. Moments you need to reflect- for me it’s usually at sunrise. In a busy life you need to take time for yourself and say- You’re doing one hell of a job!
Growing up, what was your dream job?
A ballet dancer.
We eat a lot in this studio. What is your favorite baked good?
Anything with chocolate and/or a high sugar content.
What're the odds Beryl will call you into his office for an HR violation?
Extremely likely. I show favoritism. He’s my favorite.

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