Behind the Magic | Mine Cut Diamonds

Mine cut diamonds are Hannah Blount Jewelry's go to diamond and favorite cut. Also known as miner's cut, these diamonds are a studio-favorite for their individuality and beauty. 

Technically speaking, mine cut diamonds have a high crown, a small table and a flat culet. They are somewhat structurally similar to cushion-cut diamonds.  

Mine cut diamonds were hand cut in the 1800's and most prevalent during Georgian and Victorian eras. Using only hand tools, the diamond cutter let the crystalline structure dictate the facets – making mine cut diamonds truly unique. The facets tend to be larger and less uniform, earning the phrase "cut for candle light," since they were cut to catch the flickering warm light of the fire.

Mine cut diamonds are repurposed, making them very environmentally friendly.  The HBJ studio loves their individual personality and untraditional aesthetic. From a jeweler's perspective, they offer a lot of variety and typically have the most inclusions of diamond cuts.

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