A Collection of Abstract Silhouettes

Mirage is what you get when you put a jeweler who loves abstract beauty, delicate things, and wax-carving in front of a workbench.

I had been wanting to create a series of simple but lovely rings for quite some time. I started to notice common shapes around me (candlesticks and the legs of old wooden chairs... vertebrae and insects...), and considered what made them interesting. I started to carve these silhouettes into the shanks of classic, stone-set rings, combining unique silhouettes with the traditional style of faceted gemstones. As I carved, I couldn't help but be reminded of the rolling hills seen through hot desert air. This is how the concept of Mirage was born.

My focus for this collection is classic but sophisticated, delicate but interesting. The rings, though simple, are noticeable alone. They are also comfortably stacked or combined with others for an elegant and timeless statement. I want these pieces to be worn for years without being taken off.

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