February Birthstone – Amethyst

Hannah Blount Jewelry | Amethyst Jewelry | February Birthstone
With amethyst's St. Valentine's lore, it makes perfect sense that this gem is February's birthstone. Legend states that St. Valentine wore an amethyst ring with a carving of the bust of Cupid. Ancient Greeks associated amethysts with the god of wine, due to the gem's coloring. This connotation has lead to the use of amethyst crystals for protection and promotion of a clear mind. In more recent history, amethysts were as expensive as rubies in the 19th century. Most are now mined in Brazil.

Whether a light, cool lilac or a rich indigo; amethyst's range of vibrancy is due to irradiation and the presence of iron. Amethysts are a quartz mineral and very durable, registering at a 7 on the MOHS scale. 
Hannah Blount Jewelry | Amethyst Jewelry | February Birthstone
Pictured above: custom amethyst necklace for one of our favorite clients.
Interested in a custom creation? Email our studio and we'll bring your vision to life. Learn more about custom commissions and bespoke pieces here. 

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