Tucson Gem Show

 My trip to Tucson, AZ was so incredibly inspiring. The natural world of the southwest was refreshing to my city eyes, and the Turquoise and silver jewelry that is such an emblem of that culture has only strengthened my love of Turquoise.

The gem show was overwhelmingly large, my options were frustratingly numerous, and the beauty of it all was stimulating and exciting to say the very least. The pieces I chose (once I allowed myself to choose) are so beautiful, I can't wait to share them!

The view from my balcony was serene and lovely first thing in the morning, and even though I was working hard each day, I found it somehow very relaxing.


Along the way, I made friends with many cacti. And then I made friends with a motorcycle cop:


And here are just some of the goods on part of a table of one booth among thousands within one show out of around 40.
Now there is some math.

I am looking forward to all the new pieces I will be making, and am excited to see where this trip takes my work.

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