Giving Better This Season – Rosie's Place

This week HBJ is donating 10% of sales to Rosie's Place, the USA's first women's shelter; as well as offering free shipping as a little extra incentive. 

It seems nowadays that the holidays are synonymous with discounts, instead of giving. I'm always hesitant to participate in the seasonal madness, but this year I think I've found a nice balance between engaging as a small business and honoring the holiday spirit.

Rosie's Place is a trailblazer in their industry, not just because they're the first American women's shelter, but because of the plethora of services they offer. From emergency help (like extended overnight shelter and medical care) to longterm support (such as employment assistance and self-advocacy workshops). Founded in 1972 by all-around-badass Kip Tiernan, Rosie's Place was inspired by the countless women Tiernan saw in shelters disguising themselves as men to receive assistance. Whilst offering the traditional nonprofit help, Rosie's Place also offers holistic services like acupuncture as well as creative outlets and classes. 

You can donate directly to this incredible institution here and learn about volunteering opportunities here

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