A Grandmother's Story

A friend from college approached me about making something special for his grandmother, Gladys. George wanted a birthstone necklace for the woman who has been such a strong and positive influence in his and his family's lives. Showing me images and videos of Gladys, I began to see what a charismatic joy she is,
and what a solid individual like her can mean to a family.

The more I learned of her, the more honored I was to create a necklace for her to wear.

George and I came up with the idea of a gold scallop necklace, decked with silver barnacles. The barnacles are clustered in groups of three, representing her three children and their children. The larger barnacles represent the children, the smaller barnacles the grandchildren. In each barnacle is a faceted birthstone of the prospective person. On the back of the necklace, I set a small pearl, the birthstone of the love of Gladys' life.

What I love about this necklace is that it is striking, fairly substantial, but sophisticated.
Most importantly, it very clearly tells a story.

I sincerely hope she loves it, and sees in it the love, respect, and appreciation her family has for her.


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