Custom Cross

My uncle, Denis Haack, is a brilliant Christian speaker and one of the most inspired people I know. He has been a constant voice of support since I started making jewelry. He recently came to me about a custom cross necklace, explaining his perspective on the symbol as well as his affinity with the Celtic interpretation.

This was a particularly difficult project to undertake, since my own perspective and relationship with the cross came into play. I was tempted to create a hard-edged cross structure with flowing branches around it, or rusted and covered with barnacles. But after much discussion and sketching, we came to a new idea that inspired me to make this version. It is organic, of the earth, like old driftwood that has been caressed by the waves for many years. Coral-like branches circle the cross, and the single barnacle is my signature.

I am very pleased with the finished product and hope it can bring encouragement and enthusiasm to Denis as he travels and speaks on that which he feels so passionate.


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