Playing With Volume

I love the idea of doing a cocktail ring that has volume but keeps with my image. I haven't played much with size and statement, and I am excited to finally be pursuing it.
I started with wax, and carved an egg roughly the size I wanted the ring to be. I then drilled and sawed a hole, and filed it until it was the size of my finger. I hollowed the egg until it was thin enough to be hefty and durable in metal, but not limb-breaking, either. Here is an image of it in wax!

 In metal I started with a plain Silver egg. It was smooth and lovely, but simple.




I thought for some time before I put the finishing touches on it. I speckled it with holes and darkened the Silver to an iron gray, keeping the holes and the interior a deep black. I think it adds the right twist to a minimal silhouette.



I am happy with the results, and excited to make more in line with this image! I am happy to be bringing the egg back into my work.

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