Petticoat Row

 Petticoat Row is a wonderful organization on Nantucket, the island I grew up on. It is just this flavor of atmosphere that has encouraged me to seek out my own professional and artistic career. This blurb, taken from their website, is the inspiration and strength of character of so many women on my island! I feel so blessed that this group of women have brought this back to life. Yay!

Here is what they have to say:

"Nantucket has a long and proud history of women in business.  Even before the whaling days, when women were left behind to tend to land, businesses and family, female merchants were very common on our small island.  The most famous of these female entrepreneurs were the shopkeepers of “Petticoat Row,” located along Centre Street, in the heart of the Old Historic District.  

The twenty-first century incarnation of Petticoat Row honors those fiesty women who made history on Centre Street.  We are an organization of entrepreneurs committed to connecting and supporting women in business on Nantucket today.  Our goal is to encourage women in our community to share their successes and knowledge with each other.  Each month we will host an event which will allow a woman to share her story and expertise with the rest of us.  In doing so, we hope to create a forum for new ideas, motivation and growth."
~Petticoat R

 They have referenced me in their blog, and I am excited to share it with you!

Please visit their blog HERE.

Thank you!

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