Happy Halloween!


I have been enjoying the madhouse that is Halloween. It brings out the edgy and the bizarre... spiky things with studs and gore become weirdly sexy and intriguing.

For instance, I have been enthralled by this Tim Burton shoot in Harper's Bazaar, and have been contemplating framing them and putting them up around the apartment... unfortunately, I am worried that I may freak myself out some sad, lonely night.

There is such a vibrant contrast between the brilliant blood-red in the photos and the reality that is home to most of us. Halloween is a chance for even the most boring to become something exciting, to be thrilled out of comfort zones, to explore possibilities! We are taken out of this place and put into a sublime world that doesn't exist anywhere but in our own eyes. (Now, I say this while I am listening to Greensleeves... what can I say? It still doesn't compete with Christmas.)

For a costume, I chose to be a star- someone that everyone is always looking for: Waldo. Hardly intriguing or sexy, but certainly fun and entertaining. Plus, it gives me a reason to wear super chic eye-wear- definitely something I have always wanted to rock, but felt I was tempting fate all too much by donning the unnecessary lenses.

I wear them now.

So, enjoy this excuse to discover something exciting, and Happy Halloween!

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