Inclusion: noun
(Geology) a solid fragment, liquid globule, or pocket of gas enclosed in a mineral or rock. *

As I wander through gem shows, I find myself more and more attracted to the bizarre, beautiful, organic, and unique stones that are filled with "flaws" and inclusions. I pick these stones on purpose, because the landscapes and underwater gardens within them remind me of paintings and memories. Some of the stones have inclusions that break the surface, reminding me of shattered antique glass, eery and rich with history.

There is something so magical about these gems that I ache with nostalgia when I set them. Perhaps I am just a romantic, but they are beautiful with character and stories and mysteries.

These aquamarine stones remind me of a summer day I spent in Maine with friends. We sat on the rocks overlooking the bay, with beautiful gold seaweed floating through the teal water.



These aquamarine are like rough seas.


These diamonds have tiny gardens within them, like little worlds, teaming with flora and fauna. 

Herkimer diamonds can grow perfectly clear, but often are filled with ancient cracks, crystals and bubbles of water formed hundreds of millions of years ago. Fractures heal and become reflective, other crystals grow under or out of the surface, and deep stepped facets begin to form into the stone rather than out of the stone. This quartz forms in fascinating ways.


Mine cut diamonds are hand-cut stones from the 1800's. I love that these have a history already, as they are estate stones that have already lived many lives. Since the stones were hand-cut, they tend to be off-center with large, irregular facets, meant for candlelight rather than modern fluorescent lighting. Since each cut was unique to the crystal, they are truly one-of-a-kind.


These dendritic chrysoprase and emeralds remind me of Monet paintings and spring morning landscapes.


Pyrite is like antique mirrors, imperfectly reflective.

I am a lover of all stones, but these are what make my work so personal. Be still my heart.



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