Diamond Spade

I am rather enamored with the long teardrop diamond in this necklace. The natural raw cut stone is clear with a landscape of rusty red and grey inclusions. It sat for some time in a neat little box, waiting to be brought to life, though I was hesitating on how to do so. I wasn't sure I could do it justice. Now that I have finally taken the leap, though, I'm having a hard time taking the piece off my neck. The stone may only be a whopping 2.2cts but boy does it catch the light. I wore it against a busy grey sweater while I flew around NYC on a stone shopping extravaganza (where I bought even more diamonds), and kept seeing the pop of fire glittering against the the dainty claws of gold. The heavy chain makes the conflict free stone look stronger and bolder. I hope this beautiful piece goes to a good home!




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