Metaphysical Properties | Tourmaline

With it's incredibly varying shades, it's no surprise that tourmaline has the widest range of metaphysical uses of any gemstone. Ranging from dark, forest green to vibrant and warm pink in color; tourmaline becomes electrically charged when heated, creating vibrations and energy unlike any other gemstone.

Hannah Blount Jewelry | Metaphysical Properties of Tourmaline | Tourmaline Metaphysical Properties

Photograph by Sadie Dayton

Many note the discovery of tourmaline during the 1500s in Brazil, where it was mistaken for emerald. Not until the 1800s was tourmaline recognized as it's own gemstone. Whilst all shades of tourmaline are known to inspire creativity, each hue offers a different metaphysical purpose. Hannah Blount Jewelry works with predominately with green tourmaline, watermelon tourmaline and indicolite (blue tourmaline).

Hannah Blount Jewelry | Metaphysical Properties of Tourmaline

Tourmaline, between Kyanite and Opal, at the 2015 Tucson Gem Show.

Indicolite, or blue tourmaline, is said to help develop intuition and is considered a psychic stone. Indicolite helps with meditation, as it offers a very calming vibration to those who wear it. Indicolite is also said to help aid headaches and migraines.

Watermelon tourmaline is one of the most popular gemstones for working with the heart chakra. These rare beauties combine pink and green tourmaline. Watermelon tourmaline is ideal for those who feel they cannot escape conflict in their emotional lives, as it emits a vibration to inspire balance and serenity.

Hannah Blount Jewelry | Tourmaline Metaphysical Properties | Metaphysical Properties Tourmaline 

Tourmaline Vanity ring. 

Perhaps the most popular shade of this gemstone, green tourmaline is good for healing and strengthening the physical body. Green tourmaline is thought to help attract success by encouraging one to release inhibitions. Some keep green tourmaline in their garden or near their indoor plants as it's energy is known to promote growth in all physical forms! 

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