A Custom-Fit | Morganite Engagement Ring

One of the studio's latest custom pieces was a morganite and diamond engagement ring. The rose gold beauty was for an adorable couple, Tommy and Amanda, who have been long-time fans of the studio. I was so honored to be apart of their story!

Custom Engagement Ring | Morganite and Diamond Ring | Hannah Blount jewelry Custom Engagement Ring | Morganite and Diamond Ring | Hannah Blount jewelry

Tommy was originally inspired by my Mirage Study #10, and his fiancée Amanda has long loved single-stone rings. Tommy was wonderfully involved with the design process; we waffled between adding rubies or diamonds next to the morganite center but decided on adding white diamonds, which added a touch of contrast to the pink-hued piece. 

Hannah Blount JewelryHannah Blount Jewelry

Morganite is still a relatively uncommon gemstone, and very unique to work with. At 7.5 - 8 on the MOHs scale, morganites are physically akin to aquamarines. The gemstones  blush tone comes from its manganese content, and is also rich in pleochroism – the optical phenomenon of stones possessing different colors at different angles (like tourmaline).  

Custom Engagement Ring | Hannah Blount Jewelry

Congratulations, Tommy and Amanda!


If you're interested in a custom creation for yourself, or a bespoke alteration on an existing HBJ piece, please contact the studio!

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