Behind the Magic | Kingman Turquoise Mineral Park Mine

Colbaugh Kingman Turquoise Mine | Hannah Blount Jewelry
Hannah Blount Jewelry's beloved Kingman turquoise comes from none other then Colbaugh Processing's mine in Arizona. The city of this historic, natural wonder actually predates the statehood of AZ, and was originally mined by the Native Americans.  
Colbaugh Kingman Turquoise Mine | Hannah Blount Jewelry
Commercial mining of the Mineral Park Mine began in the 1880s; the Colbaugh family has owned and operated Kingman facilities since the start of Arizona's turquoise mining boom. 
Colbaugh Kingman Turquoise Mine | Hannah Blount Jewelry
Colbaugh founder's grandson, Martycurrently runs the Mineral Park Mine, bringing a personal touch to all of his business. You can learn even more about Colbaugh Processing's history here, and more on the properties of turquoise here.
Colbaugh Kingman Turquoise Mine | Hannah Blount Jewelry
All images curtesy of Colbaugh Processing, Inc.
HBJ loves Kingman turquoise for not only it's incredible vibrancy and variation, but for it's distinctive veins and inclusions within each gemstone. 
Kingman Turquoise Ring
Kingman Turquoise Necklace

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Kingman Turquoise Scrimshaw Necklace

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