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The magic of opals is apparent in their looks alone. These gems vary in type, appearance and metaphysical use. All this variation makes them a complicated gemstone with many different uses, from enhancing creative to calming a restless mind.

Opal magic at the Tucson gem show in 2015 

Historically, opals have been considered one of the luckiest gemstones, from ancient Roman scholars to the Aztecs of Mexico. Opals are sometimes called 'the Eye Stone', as the ancient Greeks believed those who wore them would received the gift of sight. Sadly upon the publication of Sir Walter Scott's novel Anne of Geierstein, opals developed a reputation as bad luck in many European cultures, and still carries the superstition today (to some, certainly not at HBJ!).

Reputation aside, the metaphysical properties of opals are nothing but positive. In general, opals are known to evoke optimism, enhance creativity and promote a sense of calm; they're excellent for meditation work to ease stress and depression. There are so many types of opals that their metaphysical purposes vary.

The 'common' opal (usually more opaque versions of the gemstone, like Peruvian opals) are worked with to alleviate worry and generally stabilize emotions. Within the 'common' variety, white opals are best used to clarify and calm the mind, pink to clarify and calm the heart and blue opals to center the mind. Opals that contain fire or play of color, are known to stimulate the emotional body, rather than stabilize like common opal, and are considered an amplifier stone.

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