Metaphysical Properties | Herkimer Diamonds

Whilst not for everyone, the metaphysical and healing properties of gemstones are, at the minimum, fascinating. With the existence of gemstones (among many other wonders) it's hard to believe that magic isn't real, at least in nature-made wonderers.

Metaphysical Properties | Herkimer Diamonds | Hannah Blount Jewelry
To those who believe, Herkimer diamonds are considered one of the highest-energy gemstones out there. Believed to be nearly five hundred million years old, there's no denying the magic they posses. Herkimer diamonds are considered crystal amplifiers, intensifying the energy of the crystals around them. They are also known as attunement stones, because they're considered to be quite harmonious with other crystals. 

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HBJ's Herkimer diamonds come from their namesake mine in NY. Each stone has naturally formed with eighteen facets, six sides and are double terminated. Rife with curious inclusions including smokey discolorations and piggy back crystals (a baby crystal growing out of the surface of a larger crystal). Healing or not, Herkimer diamonds are uncut, unique and supernatural. 

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