Tucson Treasures

Back at the bench from the Tucson Gem Show, the HBJ studio is now stocked with a variety of hand-selected tourmalines, Kingman turquoise, chalcedony, and many more one-of-a-kind cuts of unique gemstones…

Taking inspiration from the beauty of Earth’s alchemy, the Tucson Gem Show reflects a deep reverence for nature through its vast offerings of Mother Nature’s finest treasures. This year, vibrant turquoise strands, unique carvings, and juicy, fuchsia gems caught my eye and became canvases for fresh delights.

Now available in distinctive settings that honor their organic beauty, my new one-of-a-kind pieces are an homage to the majestic mountain views, oceanic opulence, and the rustic richness that comprises Mother Nature’s artistry.

xo - Hannah

Hannah Blount Jewelry juicy fuchsia gems

Botanical Solstice Tourmaline Vanity Necklace

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Rhodonite + Tourmaline Mosaic Vanity Earrings

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Aurora Rhodonite Vanity Necklace

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Of Air and Earth Aquamarine + Tourmaline Vanity Earrings

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Karkinos Carved Chalcedony Cameo Necklace with Barnacles

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Juniper Wings Indicolite Vanity Earrings

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Endless Horizon Kazakhstan Turquoise Vanity Earrings

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Kelpie's Treasure Kingman Turquoise Ruthie B. Necklace with Barnacles

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Mirror Magic Australian Boulder Opal Cameo Earrings

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Memento Mori

Ruthie B

At First Blush

One of a Kind Opals

one of a kind

Shapes of the Sea: New Strand Necklaces


Ode to Nature