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The latest series from the Waiting collection is an ode to natural rarities and innate gifts: the Intaglio series features the hand-carved, gemstone artwork of Lala Ragimov, and is inspired by the elemental magnificence of earth and the mythology and artwork that beauty created. Like two trees growing together, Lala Ragimov’s ornate artistry alongside HBJ’s Waiting settings creates an otherworldly inosculation within a variety of ethereal gemstones.

HBJ’s new Intaglio rings and necklaces appear to be freshly excavated from an otherworldly past, inhabited only by the fabled and whimsical. Waiting branches hold up each gemstone canvas, illuminating the ornate beauty of the hand-carved goshenite, tourmaline, moonstone, and prasiolite pieces.

Nature’s Guardians

The mythical figures of Diana, Terra, and Salacia transcend the confines of their sculptural surfaces in these hand-carved, one-of-a-kind pieces of gemstone jewelry. Each Intaglio ring encapsulates an element of the goddesses’ power and purpose in their pursuit to protect the natural world.


The Artistry of Botany

Maria Sibylla Merian and her daughter Johanna Helena Herolt were 18th-century botanical artists and naturalists that translated the unspoken complexity of flora and fauna into beautiful illustrations and prints. The harmony of their field of study and their passion for Mother Nature’s artwork is evoked in each Intaglio that holds Lala Ragimov’s still life of natural curiosities.


About Lala Ragimov

Lala Ragimov is an artist of many mediums: her gemstone carvings are exquisitely ornate and inspired by ancient Greek and Roman glyptic art. Collaborating with the natural beauty of each gemstone, Lala Ragimov approaches each of her pieces with the precision of a problem solver and the passion of a poet. By first planning her sketches and then blocking them on the piece, Lala builds up the volume of her design then finesses with added details. By using a binocular microscope and an electric rotary tool, Lala Ragimov’s carved gemstone artworks are a collaboration between modern technology and ancient, organic artisanship. You can see more of Lala Ragimov's work by clicking here.


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