Romancing the Stone: HBJ Diamonds

Eternal tokens of your forever moments: new rose-cut diamond jewelry is now online.

Believed to be an homage to rosebud petals, rose-cut diamonds personify ethereality. HBJ’s repurposed rose-cut diamonds are available in a variety of your favorite designs in decadent fine metals.

Forevermore Mosaic Diamond Vanity Ring
Astral Echo Diamond Vanity Ring Hannah Blount Diamond Rings
Ovoid Band
Astral Echo Diamond Vanity Ring Terzetto Diamond Sister Vanity Studs
Eternal Prisms Diamond Vanity Ring
Stella Diamond Vanity Earrings Handcrafted Vow Antique Diamond Vanity Ring

These wearable gestures of connection celebrate memories and futures. Each piece is handmade to commemorate every type of love: their meaning is yours to define.

Shop the new selection of giftable tokens of love in all of its various forms: unique diamonds for life’s unique moments.