Hannah Blount talks with A Thousand Facets

The treasure chest of HBJ’s inspirations is vast, ever-evolving, and always sentimental. Learn all about Hannah’s process, and what elements help bring HBJ to life, on the A Thousand Facets podcast.

Hannah and the internet’s favorite jewelry aficionado sat down to discuss the meaning of Hannah’s collections, the endless inspiration of her childhood, and the beauty of Waiting in this very special interview.

listen to the interview

about the a thousand facets podcast

Join blogger and jewelry aficionado A Thousand Facets as she sits down with today’s leading independent designers from around the globe to talk about how they got started, how they developed their style, and what inspires their designs.

In every episode A Thousand Facets, will be joined by her favorite artists and friends to talk about jewelry, first and foremost, with fun and insightful digressions about materials (gemstones, metal, enamel), techniques (stone carving, engraving, weaving). They’ll make you think about why we wear jewelry, how a single piece of jewelry can tell an entire story, and what goes into creating these wearable works of art.

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