NYC For a Day

 My apologies for delays in blogging... I have been feeling a little under the weather, and find it hard to motivate under said circumstances!

But yesterday, feeling a lot better, I took a day (yes, single day) trip to New York City. It was brilliant! I am going to be exhibiting at Accessories, the Show- NY in August, and I thought I would visit the January show to get a feel for what I am getting myself into. I was able to meet Lauren- my liaison, of sorts- from the show. She is as beautiful and fabulous as I expected, and gave me a very insightful tour of booths and styles and price ranges and many more things. The Accessories show is for wholesalers to set up booth and have retailers, buyers, store-owners, etc, shop for items for their stores. It could be a great opportunity for me.

I had a few extra hours, so I decided to wander to Bergdorf Goodman to see their renowned jewelry department. They did not disappoint. I must have walked through the floor about fifteen times. There were a few jewelers whose work I had not yet seen in person- and it was flawless. It truly revealed to me that these artists were successful for just that reason- photos will never do justice to their quality of work. They are that good. Ted Muehling displays his work there as well, and I wanted to touch every piece- which I did- and yet, still, cannot fathom the amount of work or understand any of the processes by which they were made. They astound me. I highly recommend a visit to this gallery of work- it will open your eyes to the amount of creative and classical beauty in this world.

I then ventured on to SoHo, to see the actual gallery of Ted Muehling. On my last visit, Ted was kind enough to give me a tour of his studio- an experience that has enriched my life, and forever changed my perspective on beauty. His lovely shop is another visit I would highly recommend. As a very busy man, I thought I would write him a note rather than try to win another visit with him- I am a tad embarrassed, though, for on my note I mentioned that he most likely wouldn't recollect my last visit. Now, Ted, I realize that you are not senile, I promise. I just meant that I'm sure you have met with many people, and I expect no special treatment! On a more personal note, for those Ted Muehling fans out there, he was truly as wonderful as his work.

I took the Lucky Star bus home (my final farewell to the city was a frantic sprint through China Town trying to find the bus). Friends- I was astounded. We stopped at Burger King. What kind of bus does that? I was such a happy camper, even though french fries are the only things I will eat from fast food joints. What a wonderful end to the day.

Unfortunately, all this excitement has brought the sick back on. Sigh. Will I ever be well?

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