GAR was my nickname for my Great Aunt Ruth. When I was little, I would travel to her home to be completely spoiled by this special lady. Everything she did was a treat, from the chow mein she made me for dinner to the old television shows we watched in the mornings (think Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie). A strong and sassy lady, she was a grandmother to many of us. When she moved into an elderly care home, I received her old porcelain set; in transit, one of the teacups broke. I turned some of the shards into necklaces for three of us cousins, a special remembrance of our dear Aunt Ruth.

Here is my beautiful GAR with the love of her life:

Aunt Ruth suffered from Alzheimers later in her life. She fought hard, but it was time for her to go. Today the family is getting together to celebrate her life and her influence we have all been fortunate to have. Today I am feeling incredibly grateful to look back on the wonderful memories we had together.

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