The Right Metal

Metal preference has always been a polarizing topic. For some time it was considered a faux pas to mix metals, and many of us used to only saw gold on our grandmothers. Whilst the HBJ studio has never been one for the norm, and there really is no wrong choice in metal, some metals definitely work better for some than others. 
Get to know a little more about the metals used in Hannah Blount Jewelry's collections, and chose the best metal for you. 


argentium and sterling silver

Hannah Blount Jewelry

Argentium and sterling silver is very dense and durable, known for it's cool luster.
The cool hues blend well with similarly colored stones, which is great for emphasizing the visual intricacies of gemstones - like inclusions and iridescence. Cool hues stand out on any skin tone, making this a great metal for all types. 

oxidized silver

Hannah Blount Jewelry

Oxidized silver is one of Hannah Blount Jewelry's most beloved metals. Oxidized silver occurs when silver is purposely exposed to air that contains sulfur. This process creates discoloration, which gives the silver a stormy finish. Pieces in oxidized silver do wear overtime, but HBJ is always happy to refinish your pieces. Like sterling silver, oxidized silver has a cool-toned aesthetic and pops on all skin tones. Oxidized silver also pairs beautifully with the warm, varying hues of gold.


yellow gold  

Hannah Blount Jewelry

Gold varies in its makeup and karats, with different amounts of alloys. Hannah Blount Jewelry works with predominately 14k and 18k gold, which contain moderate amounts of copper or other base metals. Copper is the most common base metal used with gold, which creates a warmer hue to the metal. Whilst all varieties of gold look beautiful on warm skin tones, the contrast of the warmth on fair skin also looks lovely - particularly 18k golds bright appearance. 

rose gold

Hannah Blount Jewelry

Rose gold is named for it's coppery or pink aesthetic; the higher percentage of copper alloy in the metal, the more copper the color! This metal is definitely popular at the moment; rose gold is great for fair skinned tones and layers nicely with gold and oxidized silver. 

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